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We’ve all heard of overnight success and people that have grown to fame. Recently we’ve been hearing a uproar of successful people increasing their credit scores drastically without using silly dispute letters and apps to do nothing but waste time. But that is not the only rags to riches story to be told.

There has been a revolution of millennials leveraging the same methods celebrities have been using  to boost their credit scores to celebrity status.

Amy Lowes is one of those millennials. she increased her credit score 210 points using the same techniques that televisions stars, actors, directors have been using for years.

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“I was tired of being denied for every credit card, I knew there had to be a faster way to increase my Fico score, I was tired of seeing houses that i wanted and getting ready for my denied application already.”

My fingers still hurt from writing all those silly dispute letters. but it wasn’t until i met the top 3 talk show host in America at a barnes and nobles book signing.

The Secret Credit Score Method Celebrities Are Using

The perfect time to ask any question and get a autograph right ? My chance finally came to asked each of them the same exact question. “How Do You Boost Your Credit Score?” they all gave me the same 2 word answer  nobody was expecting.

The 2 words was “Credit Genie” it might not mean much to you but this was the first time i saw freedom to a life i could only imagine with out being a famous person.

Basically Credit Genie is a sign up form that will give you a credit score analysis and dispute any item, debt or loan that negatively impacts your credit score within 24 hours 100% Free

What You Can Do About It Today

The time to act is now. This program may end any time without notice. If you or a loved one is struggling with crippling low credit scores it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

Over 40 Million Americans are currently struggling with debt and low credit scores. You can get help. It’s time to fight back against the malicious debt collectors and bad credit score reports and take back your life.

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